Best Serum for Uneven Skin Tone by Director Pi

Delayed post - "Best Serum Series - The Best Improving Skin Tone Serum (Part 3)"

An uneven skin tone is one of the toughest skin issues as so many factors cause skin discoloration or hiperpigmentation - blemishes, sun damage or age spots - in everyday life. Here are Director's recommendations with proven results, so hope one of these options to help you get the dream skin.

< The Guideline Of Best Even Skin Tone Serum >

1. Must contain more than 2% Niacinamide or effective whitening ingredients such as Arbutin
2. Fermented skin brightening properties such as Bifida (bifida ferment lysate), Galactomyces - support its benefit
3. Infused with boosting whitening ingredients (eg. Policosanol)

< Best Top 7 Even Skin Tone Serum >

1. Cellapy All Clear Ampoule
 • Fast-absorbing, can cause irritation when your skin is sensitive condition
 • Contains Adenosine, Cica, Hyaluronic Acid & Peptide
 • Recommended for non-sensitive oily skin type

 • Soothing (great for redness and calms skin irritation) with whitening benefits, containing Niacinamide
 • Bit of sticky residue and suitable for all skin types

3. Botanic Heal boH Derma Intensive Cica Panthenol Ampoule
 • Soothing & Whitening Serum with high potency of Niacinamide
 • Hydrating formula that suitable for morning routine, and comfort to skin
 • Perfect for all skin types and helps strengthen skin barrier

4. Challans de Paris Ampoule de Aurora
 • High-functional whitening serum with hydrating formula
 • Peptide & Hyaluronic Acid help your skin keep hydrated and firm
 • Recommend for dry & dehydrated oily skin, may not recommend for sensitive skin as it contains fragrance

 • Whitening & Moisturizing Serum that also improves redness
 • Great for sensitive skin

 • High-functional fermented whitening/anti-aging serum that visibly improves uneven skin tone & texture (pores)
 • Fast-absorbing formula helps increase skin firmness with peptides & adenosine
 • Can irritate sensitive skin as a fermented product

 • Mild formula, high-functional fermented whitening/anti-aging serum
 • Visibly improves skin tone & texture, may leave sticky residue
 • Ideal for dry & dehydrated oily skin types

< Additional Hot Products >

1. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% & Zinc 1%
 • Highly functional whitening serum with blemish care
 • High strength formula can cause major skin irritation so recommend for spot treatment or alternative item (not suitable for AM/PM daily routine)
 • For all skin types, excluding sensitive skin and may disturb makeup application

2. Ultra V Idebenone Signature Ampoule
 • Whitening & Firming serum that contains Idebenone, Peptide & Niacinamide
 • Over-blending formula (too many ingredients) may not recommended for sensitive skin or for early 20's

3. Clinic Fresh Pressed Daily Booster With Vitamin C 10%

 • High-strength vitamin C serum, however it contains PEGs & phenoxyethanol ingredients that cause skin irritation

I have tested both 'The Ordinary and Ultra V' on my cheek and as it shows the serum texture (both) bit heavy so I may suggest use at night or as a spot treatment.

Thanks for reading and see you very soon with 'Best Top 7 Firming Serum (SN4)'.
*Article source from Director Pi's blog and some original images have been modified by simplyji
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